What is Operation Play? (Hint: not the game of Operation)

Some mothers seem to have it all together.  They automatically relate well to children and seem to be the grown-up version of the idealistic members of the Baby-sitter’s Club.  I am not this mother.  I need a little more motivation to learn the necessary skills of playtime.  Add to that the suspicion that my 8-year-old son’s “love language” is quality time, and well….it is time for some motherly growth.  Hence: Operation Play.

For the month of October I commit to play with my son for a minimum of 20 minutes a day.  Why only my son?  Because I spend plenty of time with his young sisters while he is at school.  Why only one month?  Because three weeks makes a habit, and a month is a nice, neat time frame.  Why only 20 minutes?  Because that is more than I do right now.  Here are my rules:

1. Reading does not count unless he requests it, because I already do that naturally and often.

2. I may not multi-task: play and be on the computer, play and watch tv, and most difficult: play and manage his two little sisters.

3. I may not “carry over” playtime.   I cannot choose to neglect one day of play and make it up the next day by playing for 30 minutes.

4.  I will write about each day’s playtime in this blog.

5.  I will commit each day’s playtime to God in prayer, because I believe God to be in charge of the inward things that matter.  This project is not about a blog idea, but about what matters: my relationship with my son, my abilities and growth as a mom, and the well-being of my son.

So that’s it!  Tomorrow begins the endeavor.  I will carry you along with me, being honest about my feelings and experiences .  As the 6-fingered man says on the Princess Bride, “Tell me how you feel….and remember this is for posterity so please, be honest.”



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8 responses to “What is Operation Play? (Hint: not the game of Operation)

  1. Savannah

    What a fabulous plan! I look forward to seeing amazing fruit in your relationship with him.

    I’m inspired to try it along with you; I also suspect I have a Quality Time young’un…

  2. Steffi Butler

    Good stuff! I love that you are asking, “How can I be a better mom!” We should all be that introspective about our important relationships! 🙂

  3. Holly DelHousaye

    Loved this blog.
    Very W&W (wise & witty)!!!
    I am going to share it with my daughter-in-law Stephanie. I think she will enjoy following along with you, Denise.

  4. Kim

    Great idea! As the woman on Sesame Street says, “LOOOOOVE IT!”

  5. Dear Denise,
    Great idea! I love that you are so dedicated to trying to be the best Mom that you can. Since we are all so used to doing 2 or 3 things at one time, just to stay ahead…..i suppose…..we forget how important it is to give ALL of our attention to just one “project” at a time……be it a child, friend, or loved one. We would all benefit and learn so much more!
    Love you

  6. hannahshope

    How cool! I love this idea and the accountability factor that comes with blogging about it. Now there’s integrity and determination. I know God will use this to challenge so many other parents. And those precious little ones that GOd has entrusted to us will probably benefit more than we will ever know. GO GIRL!

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