Day 1: Hangman

I was ready for anything J’d throw at me today.  I wasn’t just ready to play Star Wars guys,  I was ready to act out all six episodes in 20 minutes.  I was prepared for Light Saber Attacks or Lego’s or Cops & Robbers or even Light Saber Wielding Cops & Robbers Using Lego’s.    But when it came down to the wire he said he wanted to play hangman.

That was easy.

But it was fun, too.  He had two good belly laughs along the way and I enjoyed drawing very elaborate cowboy hangmen in order to keep them “alive” longer.  (Because this project is about me becoming more playful, I will not mention the fact that it also gave him practice with his writing.)

Bonus: Today was early release and Operation Play put me in the playtime spirit, so I actually played more with all 3 kids than usual.   On top of that, dinner is ready and it is only 4:30. I’ll call it a good day.

Day 1 stats: Hangman, 30 minutes, during the girls’ naps, 2 belly laughs, easy.



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3 responses to “Day 1: Hangman

  1. K Jerngeson

    Good job, mom! You are a heck of a mom! Way to go!

  2. Nelly

    Um, Denise, I just adore you. You really are one of the coolest people that I know. I’m excited to read along and get inspired.

  3. Karen Baker

    This is so great! It is going to be so good for the 2 of you – well, actually, it’ll be good for the 5 of you!! Give the kids hugs and kisses for me. Tell them grandma loves and misses them.

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