Day 2: Coloring Star Wars

Normally if I wake up before everyone else, I am anxious to secretly tiptoe into the living room, whip out my journal and Bible, and soak up the stillness.  This morning I did just that, but stopped short of “soak up the stillness” because J soon joined me.  I asked him what he wanted to play, and the next thing I knew we were coloring Star Wars guys in the quiet of his bedroom.  I colored Han Solo and Chewbacca blasting their way through Cloud City (according to J), and he drew two characters from the Cantina scene.  Staying true to my “wherever you are, be all there” philosophy behind this experiment, I refused to allow myself to comment on the state of his room (tornado, perhaps?).

Again: easy.  Two days in a row and I seem to be getting off the hook somehow.  Isn’t this supposed to be growth for me?   Isn’t growth supposed to be hard?  Ignoring the fact that this is only Day 2, I believe the simplicity is a commentary in itself.

(And remember yesterday how I gave myself the ol’ attaboy for having dinner ready at 4:30?  Well I put yesterday to shame by having dinner in the crockpot by 7:45am and bread in the bread machine.  If Operation Play continues with this sort of correlation, what’s next?  Plucking a chicken?  We shall see…)

Day 2 Stats: Coloring Star Wars, 25 minutes, everyone else asleep, simple.


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One response to “Day 2: Coloring Star Wars

  1. stephanie

    I think in the light of things, that was considered stillness in God’s eyes as you chose to forego your own stillness…

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