Day 5: Lego Guys

Now this is more along the lines of what I was expecting: Lego guys.  J has a tackle box full of Lego guys, and he wanted to spend the time just fiddling through them.   I need playtime coaching when it comes to Lego’s.  Dad’s middle name is Lego, but I never gave a second thought to them until they were underfoot (literally).    I told him up front that he’d need to show me how to play.  In short, it is all about building a new guy.  Lego may make a lot of Star Wars characters, but J makes more.  What you do with the guy…meh, unimportant.

We got a late start again because we took the kiddos to an art show.  So while it is unrelated to Operation Play, I was so proud of J’s insightful observations and questions about each painting.  He is very perceptive.  It was a great reason for a late play time and a late bedtime.

Day 5 stats: Lego guys, 20 minutes, girls asleep, late start, art detour.


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