Day 6: Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Snake

When Dad was entertaining E & H, J had already drawn two snakes on separate pieces of paper.  He announced  we’d be coloring a “Who You Are Snake.”  At school, they colored “Who You Are Apples,” where each child colored different things different colors based on answers to questions.  An example from this evening: J said, “If you have an odd number of letters in your name, color green eyes on the snake.  If you have an even number of letters, color the eyes blue.”  In the end we had very similar snakes.  It was a neat idea for our playtime.  I was about to draw “Who You Are Dogs,” but the early October sunset cut us short.  J needed to practice football with Dad before the sun went down.

In keeping with the advice of the 6-fingered man, today was a bit “heavy.”  I am in desperate need of a good journaling, and this is not the sort of evening I would normally make time for play.  Ordinarily on a day like today, I would carry around these feelings like a necessary albatross until I found time to unload.  My “productivity,” so to speak, goes down significantly before I get that chance.  So I was quite surprised at how refreshing it was for me to play with J tonight.  I hadn’t (still haven’t) gotten my chance to collect my thoughts, and yet the albatross around my neck weighs half as much.   I would have thought that getting something out of our play time would be selfish.  I now see that is silly.

What a wonderful curveball.

Day 6 Stats: Coloring “Who You Are Snakes”, 20 minutes, Dad with the girls, rewarding discovery for Mom.


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One response to “Day 6: Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Snake

  1. stephanie

    because you are fulfilling your commitment to J, yourself, and God, He is rewarding you in the small ways of blessings-burdens that are still there, but a little lighter.
    Praying for you tonight and in the A.M.

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