Day 10: Eyeballs

Needles in the eye!We made eyeballs.  Bet you didn’t see that one coming.  *nyuk nyuk*  I suggested that J and I go to the park since the weather is so great, but despite his excitement at the idea, he prefered a Halloween craft. 

For those of you who know me, crafts are not my thing.  So much involved!  Pipe cleaners and fuzzy pom-poms and messes of glue and who knows what else.  JoAnn’s, to me, is like a warehouse full of clutter.  (Now take it easy, you scrapbookers out there.  You know who you are, glaring at me with your wavy-edged scissors.)  Crafts are great for everybody else.  Everybody else and kids.

Which is where the eyeballs come into view.  (Get it?  Come into view?)  J loves crafts, and I have always adored this endearing quality.  I have also always adored his grandma, who has joyfully shouldered the burden of nurturing the craft bug.  But in the spirit of Operation Play, I googled a suitable Halloween craft.   Then after jogging in place, popping my neck back and forth and cracking my knuckles, I took J to JoAnn’s for styrofoam balls and red glitter glue.  An hour later we have 18 blood-shot eyeballs with green or blue irises sitting on a card table to dry.  (Kudos to Dad for the ingenious idea of making “tri-pods” out of straight pins to allow the round, wet orbs to dry mess-free.)

If you would like to make your own eyeballs to hang up for Halloween (or if you are just weird and like to decorate that way), here’s the Official Operation Play How-to:

“Smooth” styrofoam balls (found near the silk plants at the craft store)


Red glitter glue

Paper clips

String, thread, or yarn

Straight pins (the kind with tiny balls at the end)

Color an iris and a pupil on each ball with the markers.  Insert 3 straight pins anywhere on the eye to make a “tri-pod” for drying (note: inserting them on or near the iris/pupil will make you cringe) .  Make blood-shot lines with the glitter glue, starting from the edge of the iris and working out.  Let dry.  Insert a bent paper clip into the top of each eye to hold a loop of string for hanging.  Look out!  You’re done.

What did you expect?

Day 10 Stats: Halloween eyeballs, almost 2 hours (including drive time), Dad with the girls, messy fun with J.



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6 responses to “Day 10: Eyeballs

  1. Karen Baker

    I LOVE this. I bet Jackson had a ball! What wonderful yucky gross eyeballs! So glad you are feeling better. 😉

  2. Karen Baker

    You are doing great!!

  3. I’d forgotten about your squeamishness with eyeballs. You’re very brave.

  4. caryn

    considering it was “eyeballs” I think it’s pretty amazing! very cool, Denise.

  5. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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