Day 11: Park Time

Let me invite you into my box of parenting shame, but lean in close because this warrants a whisper: I am not a park Mom.  There.  I said it.  The cat’s out of the bag. 

“You don’t do crafts and you don’t go to the park.  What do you do, Denise?”

You’re looking at it.  I write this blog.  I’m so glad that I do, too, because it has worked well to bring my values into reality.  Value of the day: park time.

I was a little antsy while we were there, though, because I wasn’t actually playing with J.  He had made some new buddies, and I stepped back and let them have their fun.  It was just this week, in fact, that I began specifically praying that God would bring J a neighborhood friend.  That remembrance took care of my “antsy-ness.”  I see that Operation Play was the vehicle that brought me (a non-park Mom) to the park.  And the park was possibly the vehicle that brought J a neighborhood friend.  (We exchanged numbers. *fingers crossed*)

After ample playground time, I told J we could practice catching the football before heading home.  His new buddy wanted to play, too.  J, thriving in his “teacher” role,  taught New Buddy and I a few football plays.  We each rotated quarterback (which, I gather, is the person who yells, “Hike!,” and throws the ball) while the other two ran their assigned plays.  It was tricky stuff, but if I ever play against a group of chimpanzees I might look pretty skilled. 

All in all: a great time.  J gained a friend, I gained some football knowledge, and true to this experiment, we each gained a bit more closeness.

Day 11 Stats: Park time & football, hour and a half, Dad with the girls, 3 great gains.


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  1. Karen Baker

    Yeah for a neighborhood buddy!

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