Day 14: More Mad-Libs

Wednesday’s are tough to find play time since J has football practice.  This is another good challenge for me in this experiment, because half the time we forego showers and spelling words on our busy Wednesday nights–I would never insist on play time!  Recently someone in my life emphasized that “our children define who they are by how their parents see them.”  This is the second wise person who has taught me this concept.  I hope that my eyes aren’t reflecting the fleeting importance of “Operation Play” to J in these moments, but that they say to him how important he is to me.  (This fine line is also where Rule #5 comes into play.)

So when J arrived home (with Dad and Aunt) 15 minutes past bedtime, we all sat in the living room and played Mad-Libs for 20 minutes.  J has at least 10 different books to choose from, so we mixed it up.  Unless you are Sam the Eagle, it is impossible to play Mad-Libs without laughing.  Seriously, is there anything better than laughter?

A thought: Proverbs say “a cheerful heart is good medicine” and modern science proves the same point about laughter.
  That said, I think I may start a new way for our family to flesh out our value of self-care: after a bad or stressful day, take a minute to play Mad-Libs.

Day 14 Stats: Mad-Libs, 20 minutes, girls asleep, fun with Dad and Aunt, laughter, Playtime: 1  Busyness: 0


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One response to “Day 14: More Mad-Libs

  1. Karen Baker

    I love reading about what you all do. This is such a neat thing you are doing.

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