Day 16: Drawing Star Wars Guys (Again)

First of all, this project is halfway over!  I’m not sure where to go with that.  Obviously I’m not going to quit playing with J come November 1.  “Tough luck, Buddy.  It was just for the blog.”  (I wrote that as an obvious joke, but even typing the sarcastic words was painful.)  So while the playtime won’t stop, will the blog continue?  Seems silly.  But this commitment to write everyday and to live under a few definitive “rules” has been nothing short of soul food.  Time will tell… (15 days to be exact.)

Yesterday was a busy evening, but full of fun!  As soon as J came home from school, I was busy cooking and cleaning for Papa, Nana, and Aunt to come over.  The kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement.  Their arrival brought the jubilation to a whole new (audible) level.  In addition to our fun with family, we’ve committed with a couple other families from our church to get together every Friday night.  Dad, knowing his Saturday would be busy with yard sales and produce co-op and football coaching and more, drove to our friends’ house in his own car so he could leave early.  That allowed him to take E with him, and leave J and I at home to play.  (H was asleep.)

And play we did!  J wanted to draw Star Wars guys again.  He gave me a Nute Gunray guy to draw while he held a member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard to sketch.  His instructions: fill up the entire sheet of paper with the character’s face.  We did it in 10 minutes (no coloring) so he brought out two more guys.  Ephant Mon for him and Old Ben Kenobi for me.  (He knows that Old Ben is my favorite Star Wars character.) 20 minutes later it was time to wake baby H and join everyone at our friends’ house.  J decided to give our drawings to Dad as a present.

I love how the commitment to play seems to open up opportunities to play.  I’ve said this a lot, but normally on a busy day like that I would never try to squeeze in play.  I wouldn’t even think of it, much less make it happen.  But the commitment has opened my eyes to all the time openings.  For those who know me, I am not a commitment-goal oriented-schedule maintaining-deadline sort of person.  So this naturally occurring revelation is just what the doctor ordered.  (And by “doctor” I mean “The Great Physician.”)

Day 16 Stats: Drawing Star Wars guys, 20 minutes, Dad & E at a friend’s house, H asleep, lesson about commitment.


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