Days 17 & 18: Ewoks & Stop-Motion

Yowser!  I’m a bit overdue with my writing, but I had more pressing commitments to write this weekend.  As per my Operation Play creed, though, I was not too busy to play!

On Saturday I was exhausted.  A late Friday plus a busy Saturday made me a grumpy Mommy.  Dad so kindly sent me off to take a nap so I would be in better spirits for J’s playtime.  When I awoke, Dad had put in a new movie for J: Ewoks: Battle for Endor. (We had this on VHS as a kid.  I had no idea then how cheesy it is! But cheesy or not, Wilford Brimley is in it.  Enough said.)  We paused the movie (it was at the beginning, anyway) and decided to draw ewoks, instead.  J’s picture was delightfully silly: one ewok catapulted another into the skyline over the forest of Endor.  We still had time for something else, so J asked me to make up my own Mad-Lib for him to fill in.  Keeping with the theme of the day, it was about ewoks.

What J really wanted to play on Saturday I put off for Sunday: making a stop-motion film with Lego guys.  J is not only fascinated by stop-motion animation, but he is fairly knowledgeable about it.    For those who don’t know, stop-motion is a lot like a flip-book put to film.  There are some cute stop-motion videos on the web, including this one:

(These YouTube films are not only responsible for expanding the reaches of J’s imagination, but also for causing him to mindlessly sing  “Ebony & Ivory” as he bumbles around the house.)   Dad bought him a tri-pod for our camera, and he builds a little “set” to place on the kitchen counter and create his scene.

I am pretty challenged when it comes to computers.  So it shocked me to find that my computer already had the software that easily plugs our photos into a stop-motion film.  I have yet to plug yesterday’s photos into said program, but will as soon as Dad helps me.  Yesterday’s film took place on the planet Hoth, and J continued to make more Hoth films long after I our “together” time was over.

I’d love to make a pie chart representing what percentage of our playtime is about Star Wars.  Would the graph even be necessary?  It is close enough to 100%.

Days 17 & 18 Stats: Ewoks & Stop-Motion Film Making, 20 minutes each day, sisters asleep both days, Star Wars inundation.


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