Day 19: Lego’s

Yesterday, as usual, we had limited time.  I let J stay up a little past bedtime so we could get in our full 20 minutes.  He had no hesitation in choosing Lego’s, so into his room we went and I was lost at sea.  I am clueless about how to play Lego’s, even though we have done so more than once in this project.  He had his Millenium Falcon, a Ty-Fighter, and a bunch of Lego Star Wars guys.  I mindlessly connected some of the guys to the wings of the Ty-Fighter and then knocked them off with a small marble that was sitting nearby.  Within moments, it became a game.  J assigned points to each guy; higher points for guys who were more difficult to knock down.  Then we took turns and tallied the points.  We played for three rounds.

I think J is pretty smart kid.  And what a turn of events for me: I begin doing something because I’m a fish out of water (mindlessly knocking down Lego guys) and he turns it into something mindful.

Day 19 Stats: Lego guy marble game, 20 minutes, girls asleep, Mom’s lackadaisical play turns on J’s attentiveness


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