Days 21 & 22: Drawing Peanuts & Go-Fish

Operation Play is still in motion!  I make this announcement because I’ve fallen behind a couple days on the updates.

Wednesday night was football and gymnastics-free for the first time in many months.  We all watched the Snoopy Valentine’s special we keep on our DVR, and this prompted the play of the day.  J wanted to draw Peanuts characters.  We paused certain frames to get the characters we wanted in a clear shot, then armed with our pencils, copied away.  J drew a very detailed scene of Charlie Brown and Linus talking near a mailbox with houses in the background.  He also drew Snoopy winding up a phonograph and Schroeder playing his piano.  J is the fastest draw in the west, so to his three I drew one:  a made-up scene with Linus, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy on a ladder.

Last night was especially fun in my opinion.  We played Go-Fish! I had never played with a standard deck of cards before (only played with kid’s fishy cards), so I quickly googled some directions.  And unlike other play times this month, I set some motherly boundaries instead of letting him take the lead: I had him learn to hold his cards properly.  I also told him to refer to “Jacks, Queens, Kings & Aces” as such, and not “J’s, Q’s, K’s, & A’s.”  I said, “It is tricky at first, because all things are, but I’m a great person to practice with because I won’t cheat–I’m your mom.  And I’m not a cowboy, so I don’t have a gun.”

(J’s Dad has a story of playing cards with his tough rancher grandpa growing up, and as he touched Grandpa’s cards the old cowboy snapped, “If this was the Old West, I’d have shot ya.” )

We had a great time.  But I can see what you’re thinking.  “No Star Wars?”  Don’t jump to conclusions.  We used this deck of cards:

FYI: We played the Villains deckDay 21 Stats: Drawing Peanuts characters, 20 minutes, H asleep, Aunt with E, a refreshing change of focus from Star Wars for Mom

Day 22 Stats: Go-Fish, 45 minutes, played “the real way,” girls asleep, teaching moment received well, awesome Star Wars cards


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  1. “And I’m not a cowboy, so I don’t have a gun.” A great reminder when you’re trying to talk someone into playing cards with you.

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