Days 23, 24, & 25

Sheesh! Forgive the late entries.

Day 23:  (Insert Shame Here.) I dropped the ball on Friday.  I broke not just a rule, but the essence of Operation Play.   One day out of 31 ain’t bad.  So shame: take that.  I’m over it.

Day 24: Go-Fish (again).  And fine with me!  I love me a card game, and J and I enjoyed our time as Dad rebounded a scooting Baby H away from the cards and E slept.

Day 25: Solitaire. “I’m sorry.  Did you say you played Solitaire? Um…was J with you?”  Yes, yes he was.  Earlier in the day I was busy and he felt bored.  I said, “If you like, for our playtime I can teach you a card game that you can play all by yourself when you feel bored other days.”  He picked up on it very quickly.  He said he’s watched Grandpa play on the computer before.  My Great Grandma Grace taught me to play Solitaire when I was about his age, so there was a touch of nostalgia mixed in for me.

Weekend Stats: Balls dropped, card games played, lessons learned, sisters distracted by Dad.


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  1. stephanie

    can you teach me how to play REAL solatiare? i only know the computer game too.

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